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Co-writing sessions

“Plots come to me at such odd moments, when I am walking along the street, or examining a hat shop… suddenly a splendid idea comes into my head.” - Agatha Christie

Hi, I'm P. E. Holdsworth (Portia) a British Antiguan writer living in Edinburgh. I host The Hat Shop Co-Writing Sessions.

The Hat Shop is a virtual place where you can hang out in solidarity and literature with fellow writers most weekday mornings (and occasional afternoons), on Zoom. We open with a wee natter about our projects to set our intentions for the session then we turn our mics off, leave our cameras on, and write together for 80 minutes. We check back in at the end to see how the session went and to assure each other that writing is both messy and magic for us all.


The Hat Shop Co-Writing FAQ

Who is it for?

Committed writers who would like company and cheerleading as they work on their book, and who are ready to offer the same in return.

When do we meet

Session times & days vary week to week. Members receive a Sunday e-mail with details of sessions for the week ahead.


Joining The Hat Shop Co-Writing sessions is free!

Intimate group

Sometimes there's 2, sometimes there's 10 of us in a session. Familiar, friendly faces each time.


Come to as many or as few sessions as works for you. But come at the beginning, and stay until the end.

How to join

Visit our Sign Up page below to apply.

Image by Nick Morrison

The Hat Shop Co-Writers

Come Take Part

We welcome writers just starting out on their dream, as well as those who are multiple books/scripts into the work. All that we are looking for is writers who are serious about their craft (and who seem like they would be a friendly face to write along with!).

Apply to join our free co-writing sessions, hosted by P. E. Holdsworth (Portia), by filling out the form below.


Thanks for submitting!

Hi, just a quick note to say thanks for all the writing sessions you offered in August. I have 165 pages and over 16,000 words that I would not have had without these sessions. 

Thank you, thank you. 

Memoir writer


About P. E. Holdsworth

Hello! I'm Portia, I write as P. E. Holdsworth. I've been an international arts journalist and magazine editor, a book editor, a biographer, and a personal essays columnist. I specialise in memoir and life-writing and am currently working on a literary fiction book of my own.

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