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Centre for Novels in Progress

Where life and writing meet
Welcome Writer


Welcome to the Centre for Novels in Progress (CENOPRO). We specialise in helping writers progress their novels and novel-length book projects in a way that feels good to them.

How we help authors

When you work with the team at the Centre for Novels in Progress you will find we have a gentle, playful and compassion-centred approach to helping you move forwards on your writing journey. 

Our practitioners are Portia, a Schema Therapy-informed book coach, writer, editor, and owner of CENOPRO, and Jackie, a Creative Arts Therapist, MBACP registered counsellor, supervisor and coach. 

You can find out more about each of our professional backgrounds, and what it will be like to work together with us, by heading to the Who We Are section in the website menu. 

Get help writing your book

Through the Centre for Novels in Progress (CENOPRO) you will get to work individually with both Portia and Jackie who will each draw on their individual expertise to help you get onto a clearer, calmer path towards completing your novel.


Our aim is to help bring you back to a healthier and happier writing space within yourself; to find the part of you that first intuitively followed the inspiration to write, the playful voice that trusted you with this work before other voices crept in.

We want you not just to finish your manuscript, but to get there in a way you truly enjoy.


What we offer

Our core package

Work with us 
Here is what you get with
the CENOPRO core package:

Book Coaching

Three one-to-one book coaching sessions with CENOPRO owner, Portia (via video call or in-person in Edinburgh). Portia will use the results of our in-house Creative Self Questionnaire, to help you move your book project forwards, drawing from her skills as a Schema Therapy-informed Book Coach, editor and professional writer. Find out more about Portia's approach here.

In-Depth Creative-Self Questionnaire

Get access to our Creative Self Questionnaire, developed in-house, based on the Schema Modes psychology model, and designed to help you see which are the helpful and unhelpful internal voices, behaviours, and thoughts that are impacting on your novel writing journey. 

Creative unblocking

Two hour long, one-to-one sessions with Jackie, our in-house Creative Arts Therapist and certified coach (sessions via Zoom). Jackie will help you approach your writing with ease and enjoyment, and help to support your creative and emotional wellbeing as you work on your book. Find out more about Jackie and what it will be like working with her here.

Cheerleading deadline

At the start of our work together we will help you to clarify a goal for your novel that we will support you to work towards during your time with the Centre for Novels in Progress. This could be hitting a certain word-count, writing beyond the mid-point of your plot, or perhaps clarifying the story and plotting out the beats, or finishing a round of edits. We will check back in with you throughout your time working with us, and assist you in staying on the path to completing your book goal in a way that feels soulful and creatively nourishing for you. 

Package Cost: £950

(payable in two instalments)

If you are interested in our core package* then please visit our Who We Work With section on the website and give it a good read-through before then making an enquiry via the contact form below.

*Bespoke packages can also be tailored in some cases, for previous clients.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Centre for Novels in Progress!



“Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement. It was nice to chat to someone that got it. That understood the fears and the health limitations, and all that comes with it in life and when writing. I have a lot of advice thrown at me from people that aren’t really following their own words of wisdom, but you’re doing it and succeeding. Keep up you’re amazing coaching work and writing. You’re going to help so many people!”
D Drewry
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