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Jackie is our in-house Creative Arts Therapist.


I was previously the international Deputy Editor for Performing Arts at Blouin Artinfo magazine group and I'm the author of a personal essays column called The Good Life for Cohorted Cult magazine. I am also the author of The Dagger Pole, a short and experimental official biography of Jus Bus Nation, the twice Grammy-nominated and billboard topping artist. I am an English and Drama alumni (BA Hons) of Goldsmiths, University of London.

Having worked as an editor and book coach for nearly ten years alongside working on books as an author myself, I really know what it takes to write a book. I understand the difficulties many writers face and the fact that more often than not those difficulties have nothing to do with a lack of talent or know-how, but rather are to do with the internal battles we have with ourself surrounding the process. I'm also aware of how unhelpful traditional editor-writer relationships can be in those early drafts of a manuscript, yet how many authors seek traditional editors out at these stages, because they instinctively know they need some support and this feels like the closest option to fulfilling that need.

Feeling something was missing from the options available to support authors (whether writing their first book or their fifth), in recent years I have become increasingly interested in how Schema Mode Therapy could help authors with their process of getting book ideas out of their head, on to a page, and then into readers' hands - and crucially doing so in a way that feels good for the author. Schema Mode Therapy (an advanced therapeutic model of psychology) helped me in my personal life as I went through recovery from a life-changing illness. I discovered that, as a bi-product of learning to understand my own inner-realms through the schema framework, my relationship with my manuscript and writing process was also vastly transformed. Both my work and wellbeing began to bloom. I have since finished writing and editing my long-term project, a literary memoir,  and have successfully submitted it to a shortlist of literary agents, received multiple requests for full and had wonderful feedback on the full manuscript. I have also become somewhat of a Schema Therapy geek!

I have completed a Schema Therapy course, trained as a certified CBT Cognitive Behaviour Life Coach, and attended continued professional development (CPD) courses, lectures and workshops that inform the holistic work I now do with authors, as well as informing my own writing practice and author career.

Recent CPD has included:

Introducing the New Young Schema Questionnaire (ISST accredited CPD),

Schema Therapy for Narcissistic Personality Disorder


Advanced Writing Lives, University of Oxford,

Planning and Plotting your Novel: The Practical Way, with author Abigail Mann,

7 day writing your novel course, The Novelry,

The Book Proposal Masterclass, with author Beth Kempton

I look forward to helping you on your own author journey by using an integrated, holistic approach that aims to support you in your creative wellbeing.

What it takes to write a book

Why a Schema Therapy-informed approach

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