Chester Literature Festival

Travel Writing and Fictionalising Life

Recently I attended some events at the Chester Literature Festival at the Storyhouse, Chester. 

David Atkinson held a fantastic afternoon discussing the current landscape of travel journalism and how the digital age has changed both the content and work patterns of travel writers. We discussed the importance of valuing your worth as a writer and the magic of discovering your local area to share with a readership.

I was also lucky enough to meet and talk with Cristina Pérez Valverde, Spanish author of La dama de Rubens. Her insights into her writing process--why she chooses to fictionalise her own life as the basis of her current work rather than write memoir--were fascinating and inspiring. 

Cristina finds that by fictionalising her own memories, her own life-stories, that she is able to see how events could have played out had she made different choices. She finds the fictionalisation of life stories a catharsis and psychological exploration of her own emotions, wishes and regrets.