A Month in Lisbon

Living and writing in Portugal's capital

I spent October 2019 concocting mythical stories about ancient citizens of Portugal's alluring capital.

Something about the natural caves of the Estufa Fria and the gigantic statues that tumble out of every park, cobbled corner and pastel-pink palace in Lisbon, had my imagination whirring with historical fiction ideas!

My husband (and favourite travel buddy) Ben, is a self-confessed lusophile (a person who loves the Portuguese language and culture), so a trip to Lisbon has been long overdue for us together. I was initially concerned I might have to fain an adoration for the city after all the hype Ben (and every travel magazine ever), has given Lisbon over the years, but thankfully I was enraptured even before I'd tried my first pastel de nata!

We had a wonderful month ambling around the city, soaking in the fado and exploring other nearby towns. There was a health blip during that gave me a chance to check out the famed blue tiles in the nearby hospitals and meant I spent the trip drinking shakes rather than indulging in the local cuisine, but non the less we had a relaxing and life-affirming month.

I worked on a couple of travel pieces based on our leisurely time over there for Cohorted Cult magazine, keep an eye out for their upcoming publication!