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Picking a Book

How can I help?

All books are different, all writing journeys are different and every author's career dreams are different too. The work I offer is bespoke and individualised to my clients; we will start by arranging a meeting to discuss where you are on your writing journey and what types of support might best help you to achieve your dreams for this book and for your life as an author. In our work together I offer practical advice and expert tips, evidence-based coaching for building your confidence, ease and enjoyment of the writing process, support, accountability and guidance to keep you motivated as you write your book. Writing a novel can be a solitary practice, full of self-doubt, I'm here to gently keep you going on the journey with plenty of warmth, reassurance and humour. You don't have to finish writing your manuscript alone, whether it is your first novel or your third traditionally published book.

Soundboarding ideas for your structural edits, character development and plot twists.

Taking you from first draft, through editing, to querying literary agents.

A deep dive into what this book is really about, what the story is you are trying to tell, and then working together on finding out how best to tell it.


Helping you to discover how to intuitively write to the end of your first draft (and beyond!) with a sense of ease and enjoyment.

Accountability deadlines, to keep you on track with moving your novel forwards with momentum and excitement.

Examples of things I help with:


I began my career in the writing world writing for stage, before following a deep curiosity into life-writing as a genre and a practice, writing articles, plays and poems that were published and performed on radio and stage. Whilst working as a book editor and ghost writer for memoir authors, I was commissioned to write the official literary biography of 2X Grammy nominated artist, J. Nation. This experimental biography was released alongside J. Nation's album 'Hard work' throughout the Caribbean and the U.S.A, with the album reaching number one on the Caribbean billboard charts. 


I landed the role of contributing Deputy Editor of Performing Arts, for Blouin Artinfo international magazine group, covering the UK, Europe, Australasia and Asia. My features and reviews were translated into fourteen languages and published worldwide. I have since had success as a travel and lifestyle journalist, as well as writing the regular, open and honest, personal essays column ‘The Good Life’, for Cohorted Cult magazine. My writing has won awards and prizes.


I had to step away from my career for a number of years due to severe ill-health. During this time, I immersed myself deeply in meditation and mindfulness-based practices, and I stripped back to living life in an intuitive and minimalist way. Because of the severity of my illness, I had to teach my body to walk again, read and write. My rehabilitation from illness took many years and required my constant dedication and trust in the process—I had to build my life and body again from the ground up. Once I was well enough, I returned to my writing practice and career and found that the life-skills and holistic learning I had gathered through the toughest years of my life, had transformed the way I approached my writing projects. I have since gone on to train in areas of psychology, mindfulness-based techniques and coaching, as well as continuing my professional development as a writer and editor with further qualifications beyond my degree. I draw upon my professional expertise and personal experiences in my work as a book coach and author mentor, helping both agented and unsigned novelists write their books in a way that feels beautiful, authentic and nourishing for them and their author careers.

I am based in Scotland and work with clients throughout the UK and EU.


"Of all the conversations and input I've had on this book and whether to pursue it, it's honestly the time with you that was the most valuable and that made the BIG difference. That first, deep conversation we had was a break-through moment for me. I wouldn't have signed with my agent without your help and encouragement. Thank you!!"

Natalie, memoir

“You've helped me to solve all my problems that were holding me back from writing this book and helped me to feel free. Everything we did together has been so helpful! Thank you for all of your encouragement.”

Jessica, literary fiction

"Working with Portia has been incredible for my writing process. Her approach is thoughtful, intuitive, and supportive, she has helped me to overcome blocks and make significant progress on my book. I've also been offered a feature in a magazine, which is pretty cool! I am so grateful for Portia's guidance and expertise. I've had so much advice from people who aren't following their own words of wisdom with their health and writing, but Portia is living hers, she is doing it and succeeding. Thank you, Portia, for your wonderful words of encouragement and for everything else! You're going to help so many people!"

Jemma, non-fiction

"Portia is a f**king brilliant editor. She kept me accountable and I had a lot of fun working with her. I learnt so much more than they teach you in books on writing or in MA programmes. I would highly recommend Portia's services to anyone looking to take their writing to the next level."

Filipe, accessible literary fiction

"It's been good to learn from you about the publishing journey after completing a manuscript, you're so knowledgable. Thank you for being so encouraging too, our sessions have been incredibly helpful. Your input on my messy manuscript has been invaluable. You have made me so excited about my book again!"

Lauren, novel from life


Genres I work with:

-women's fiction

-book club fiction

-accessible literary fiction

-literary fiction

-love/relationship stories (of all kinds: romance, mother/daughter love, friendships etc.)

-feminist fiction

-historical fiction



-cosy crime

-novels written from life

-narrative biography

-adaptations and investigations of previous literature (eg. Wide Sargasso Sea, Medusa, Mythos, Jane Austen Investigates etc)

-children’s books for ages 11+ (exc. picture books)


-New Adult

-magical realism

-non-fiction that has already secured a traditional publishing deal (inc. memoir)

-Something that fits in the above but with a magical twist


If your genre isn't listed or you are unclear of your exact genre, but have a feeling your book might be my 'cup of tea' based on what you can gather from the genres outlined above, then feel free to get in touch and I'll let you know if your project and I are a good fit.

Genres I don’t work with:


-dystopian fiction



-fantasy fiction sagas

-non-fiction (other than listed above)

-short story, poetry or essay collections 

-books that are intended to be snippets of things with no narrative/story



Please note, I currently only accept clients who identify as women and/or use she/her amongst their preferred pronouns.

I also only sign clients who really, really want to write this book. This one. The one that keeps you awake at night. The one you have already dedicated yourself to, the one you are dreaming of holding in your hands. 

Get in Touch

I am based in Scotland and work with clients throughout the UK and EU. 

Please note, I currently only accept clients who identify as women and/or use she/her amongst their preferred pronouns.

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As no two projects are alike, and every author's needs are different, all of my packages are bespoke and I only sign the client's I really believe I am a good fit for. If you would like to work together, then please send an enquiry to me via the form below. I will get in touch within two weeks to book a fifteen minute free video chat with you, so that I can learn more about your book and where you are on your manuscript journey. If yours is a project that I feel I would be the right book coach/mentor for, then I will provide a quote by email for an individualised package of book coaching support. Prices start from £325, with concessions available for those with disabilities (please let me know in your enquiry if you would like to make use of this concessionary offer). I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks! I will be in touch soon.


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