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Portia Holdsworth is a freelance writer, journalist, developmental book editor, and photographer who specialises in people and places.

Life-writing is a genre that has always lit Holdsworth up, and as such it has been the focus of both her professional work and her studies during her time at Goldsmiths, University of London and in her further specialist qualifications in Writing Lives with Oxford University.

Her work to date includes authoring the official literary biography of the Grammy award winning artist J Jus Bus Nation, holding the position of Deputy Editor of Performing Arts for Europe, Caribbean, Asia and Australasia at Artinfo magazine, and writing The Good Life - a column of personal essays - for Cohorted Cult magazine. Her works have been translated into twelve languages and published world-wide. 

Holdsworth has been recognized by multiple awards including recognition from the BBC for her ground-breaking contribution to the BBC Shakespeare Festival. She has also had the pleasure of working with authors from multiple countries on developing their manuscripts as a writing coach, developmental book editor, and ghost writer.

P. E. Holdsworth currently resides in the UK with her husband/muse Ben and is focusing on completing her debut memoir alongside continuing to work with other international authors of memoir, biography and creative non-fiction to help bring their books softly out of their dreams and onto a page.


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A Selection of Articles by P. E. Holdsworth

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The Good Life: Learning to Live Again

It was three years ago. I was completely fucked.

In and out of hospital, barely able to haul my petrified body out of bed. Diagnoses of leptospirosis, post viral syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, postural hypotension, sensory intolerance, multiple food intolerances, oesophagitis, gastritis, peripheral neuropathy, neurological damage, histamine intolerance, anxiety, and ‘tropical disease unspecified’ attached themselves to my identity with more velocity than getting five different colours permanently streaked through my hair and buying baggy ripped jeans did when I was seventeen—who was I now? A medical anomaly. A sick person. Fucked.

The Good Life: How to Embrace your 1920s Self

Mine is a familiar story. Woman in the 2020s has a plethora of demands on her, yet thinks she has it all under control. Turns out she doesn’t have it under control whatsoever, and so lies awake at night in a mild panic. Eventually plays sleep story via a meditation app to quell the impending to-do-list doom. Woman enjoys sleep story set in the 1920s so much that she heads out the next morning, buys a time machine, and waves goodbye to her 2020 cares. Bliss.

great great grandmother eleanor pictured
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Discover the Best Tram in Lisbon

Once the tram arrives, you step up into the perfectly preserved carriage and take a seat on one of the many available leather seats, enjoying the breeze through the open window as it trundles along to Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco. Here you can hop off and amble up the road to Amoreiras Shopping Centre—home to not only a peaceful shopping experience of big and small brands alike—but also the building in which you will find the highest miradouro(look out point) in Lisbon. For €5 per person, you can ride the lift to the centre’s rooftop for the Amorieiras 360˚ experience where you can take in views that stretch across the postcard rooftops, down to the River Tagus, and out towards the monumental statue of Christ the King across the river’s shores.

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Things you might like to know

Will you write for our publication?

Please do get in touch if you think I would be a good fit for your publication; I am especially interested in writing personal experience articles, candid column pieces and biographical feature articles. I also have an interest and history in book, travel, and arts journalism.

Are you represented by an agent?

To date, I have not contacted any literary agencies regarding representation for my journalism or manuscript. If you are an agent interested in representing me then please do get in touch.

Will you guest speak at an event or be a guest on my podcast?

Absolutely! Be warned, I'm a true chatty Northerner. Drop me a line if you would like me to come along to an event/podcast and talk life-writing or life.

Can I send you my book?

If you are a professional publishing house and have a book coming out you think I would enjoy, then please feel free to get in touch. At this present time Holdsworth I do not accept books for review directly from authors, and cannot accept unsolicited manuscripts from authors requiring help.
If you are interested in working with me as a developmental book editor, helping you get your writing project from your head onto the page and crucially into book form, then please feel free to get in touch.

Can I work with you as an editing client?

I take on a select number of clients each year dependent on how passionate I feel about their projects - I believe a good Editor should be as invested in your book as you are. I have a particular interest in memoir, biography and non-fiction but will occasionally dabble in other genres too. If you feel I could be what your book needs, then fee free to get in touch and tell me about your project.

Will you write my book for me?

At the present time I am not accepting ghost writing projects due to focusing on a manuscript of my own.



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